Prime property development

WSF Group’s extensive experience in property acquisition and development provides the foundation for a number of projects that transform striking historical buildings across European capitals into luxury hotels that stay true to local culture and architecture.


A living, breathing guide to cities that creates lasting impressions through authentic and warm service. Almanac Hotels share best recommendations and local favourites, and always stay on the lookout for unique experiences. This is what it means to travel. And this is what you will find in Almanac.

More Properties

Today operated independently by WSF Group and international operators, these properties will soon be renovated and launched as Almanac Hotels.

Two Bedroom Almanac Suite(Photo by Sivan Askayo)2x

WSF Group

Founded in 1990, WSF Group began to develop unexploited areas of Vienna into thriving neighbourhoods that catered for residents and visitors from all socio-economic backgrounds in the spirit of its reputation as the world’s most liveable city.

Other Developments